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Why Shipili

Send Anything, Anytime, Anywhere!

Take a picture, add your shipment details, and send your packages locally or globally at the lowest rate.

Deliver and Make money on your way!

Post your trips, deliver more packages, and make more money.

Relax, your Packages are all insured!

Your shipment is secured with a world class insurance plan.

Keep Track and Communicate!

Keep an eye on your shipment in real time, communicate and connect with your mailman along the way.

How It Works

1 Post

Choose wether to Post a Trip
or Send a Package

2 Contact

Search for available Packages or Travelers near you

3 Deliver

Finalize transaction, get Paid
or get the Package

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Shipili work?

The following steps will walk you through our simple set-up:
  1. Register using Facebook or Email.
  2. Choose whether to Post a Trip or Send a Package.
  3. When sending, specify your package details i.e. size, weight range, value, the destination, the date of delivery and the receiver information.
  4. Contact an available listed travelers to deliver your package.
  5. Price for the shipment will be calculated along with traveler’s fee (80%).
  6. Once you confirm with a traveler, you will receive a delivery code that you should provide to the receiver at destination.
  7. Upon delivery of the package, the traveler should request the delivery code from the receiver in order to finalize transaction and get paid.
  8. Package Delivered.

Do I need two accounts one “to send” and one “to deliver”?

No you don’t need, your Shipili account gives you access to all features that include both sending packages and offering to deliver ones.

How much does it cost?

The price for a shipment will range from few euros/dollars or any other currency to several hundreds; it is depending on the length of the journey, the size and weight of the package.
We hope that our users are able to use Shipili for all of their delivery needs.

How can I manage my personal information?

You can manage all aspects of your account from your “Profile” link. You can edit your personal information and update your location, your mobile, and any other info.

What is expected from me as a traveler?

As you are delivering a package, you should make sure that you are not taking any illegal or prohibited items and that the package arrives in same condition as you received it. Also check that you have enough space in your suitcase and pay attention not to collect extra-weight charges. Finally be punctual and enjoy your experience with the sender. Earn that high rating!

How do I find packages for my trip?

When you post a trip, you will start appearing along with other travelers to delivery requests. The sender will get a list of all travelers heading to their delivery location and will pick one to deliver the package. Travelers are ranked by rating so make sure to always do your best and enjoy the experience!

How do I make money from Shipili?

Depending on the trip length, the size and weight range of the package, Shipili will match you with a sender who will be charged a fixed fee for the delivery. You receive 80% of the fee and the other 20% are used to pay for processing, insurance fees and Shipili’s commission. Make sure to keep your rating high to get picked for the job!

Can I trust senders?

Shipili is a platform that allows people from different parts of the world to connect. Like all the Peer-to-Peer applications, there is always an issue with trust and safety. We try to put both end users at comfort by our validation process, which includes emails, social networks, SMS and ratings. If for any reason, you don't feel confident about the sender, then we suggest you don't deliver the package. But make sure to please let us know why.

How and when do I get paid?

When the delivery of the package is confirmed by the receiver, ask for your delivery code from the receiver. By entering this code into the posted job, the fee that the Sender has deposited will be released to your bank account. There is no need to worry about not getting paid, as the Sender is required to pay upfront for the service, and you will receive your charge once the job is complete.

How do I know that what I am delivering is safe to carry?

In our Terms and Conditions, we have a detailed list of all the rules and regulations that cover our users’ safety with a specific section on forbidden items. All Shipili users must accept these terms during Registration. All our users’ identities are also verified. Furthermore as a traveler, you are allowed to inspect the package and if there is anything that is of concern, you are free to back out from the arrangement. Make sure to contact us at (shipili email) and notify us with your encounter.

What if the package is different than what the sender posted?

We advise you to not deliver the package if it is different than what is posted and if you are not comfortable with it. Our insurance policy won’t cover such item in this case. Please notify us about the incident through shipili email (support@shipili.com) and be sure to include your experience in the review section of the sender.

Can I refuse to take a package after seeing it?

Yes you can. However we highly recommend that you know what and how large the package is before accepting an offer in order to spare yourself the trip. Make sure to add your comments and reason for your refusal in the review.

Can I cancel my trip?

You can freely cancel trips that you have posted but have not yet accepted an offer on. However once you have made an agreement with a sender, he will have the ability to affect your rating and so we advise to commit to the deal once accepted.

Can I edit my trip?

Yes you can as long as you have not accepted an offer for a delivery. Editing a trip that is already engaged in a delivery agreement might lead to negative reviews that affect your rating.

Can I ask for more money?

The fee for the service is calculated prior to accepting the job. Once you accept to deliver a package, this means that you have agreed on the price that was shown. While we require everyone to fulfill the commitment, we don’t discourage an extra tip or gesture for a job well done!

Can I post more than one trip?

Yes you can. Make sure that the dates are suitable and that you still have more space in your suitcase. Watch out for those luggage fees!

How can I make even more money than the standard delivery?

Simply help us grow Shipili together! Invite friends to join our community and gain extra monetary bonuses on your deliveries and discounts on your sent packages!

What if the sender no longer wants to send a package after I’ve accepted the offer?

Unfortunately such incidents do occur on rare occasions. A sender might cancel his request before pickup, however you, as a traveler, also have an ability to rate your experience with the sender which will affect his profile rating. the Sender can not cancel the request after the pickup.

What do I do if the sender is not responsive?

If you have already accepted an offer from the sender and they stop responding after, try contacting them through other means and make sure to reflect your experience in the ratings section for the job. You are not obliged to go out of your way as our goal is to create a beneficial experience for both users.

What if a sender cancels a delivery when a traveler is on his way?

We cannot force our senders to send a package after they have committed to a deal, however make sure to contact us at shipili email (support@shipili.com) to share your situation and rate the sender accordingly.

What shall I do if I can't reach the receiver at the delivery location?

Get in contact with the sender or the designated receiver as soon as you are in the area. Ask him for a location and an exact route to take that would make your trip easier.

What if I have difficulties reaching the destination?

Get in contact with the sender or the designated receiver as soon as you are in the area. Ask him for a location and an exact route to take that would make your trip easier.

What if I am charged with extra fees along the way due to the package?

In case of extra weight charges, we do require our travelers to have room to carry the package with them, however other deals can be arranged with the Sender prior to accepting the deal.

What if airport personnel asked if I am carrying a package that doesn’t belong to me?

In such a scenario it is your choice on how to answer however we do advice you to be truthful as this is a legal process and there is no reason to lie. You personally have a chance to inspect the package before delivering it and will know what its contents are.

What can I send?

Shipili aims at providing a platform that will attend to all of your needs. That is why other than the list of forbidden items that is found in our Terms & Conditions, you are free to post any item that you wish delivered from one place to another no matter the size.

How do I communicate with the traveler?

Once you select a traveler, you can message him/her any time.
After approval, the traveler’s phone number will be shared with you.
It is up to you or the traveler to contact the other and establish a suitable means to keep in contact.

How and when do I pay for delivery?

Once you select a traveler you will have to deposit the fee for the service. However this payment is secured with shipili until you receive confirmation that the package has been delivered. You have to supply the receiver with the Delivery Code you received in order to release the money.

Will I be charged immediately after placing my order?

No, you do not have to pay until you find a suitable traveler. After you choose one, you will be asked to pay for the service. The traveler does not receive the payment until you have confirmation of the delivery and supply the Delivery Code.

What is the maximum size allowed for a package?

You can request to ship any package size, however this is ultimately dictated by the traveler and space he or she can accommodate. While filtering through the available travelers look at the space that they are offering and choose accordingly.

How should I package my item?

It depends on the contents of the package and the transportation method. Some items will need careful packaging depending on their breakability and importance. Make sure that the package you prepare safely secures its contents and is practical for the Traveler to deliver. We also advise you to notify the Traveler with any specific requests on how to handle the package prior to accepting an offer.
Remember that Sender have the obligation to show the content of the package to the traveler at the pickup.

How can I track my package?

Once selecting a traveler you will receive their contact information and can keep in touch with them throughout the journey. Shipili has an integrated tracking feature allowing senders to track their shipment on real time.

When will my order be delivered?

Shipili is an express delivery platform aiming to provide same day delivery. Once you have made contact with a traveler it is up to you to discuss a suitable delivery time satisfying both your needs. Make sure to clearly clarify when you expect the package to be delivered.

What is a Delivery Code?

When you deposit a payment you receive a Delivery Code as a sender. It is a delivery confirmation code that is given to the traveler by the receiver at delivery. This code is used to release the payment to the traveler, confirming that the task is complete.

What if my package is not delivered?

Your packages are automatically insured for up to €2000 if you find yourself in such a scenario. However make sure to contact the Traveler again as it might just be a delay in delivery. In both cases, contact us at shipili email (support@shipili.com) to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Can I send multiple items with one trip?

Of course. By making different request for each shipment. However make sure that the traveler you select has enough space to accommodate your packages, or even send them with several travelers.

What happens if a traveler can't make the delivery?

While this unfortunately might sometimes happen, you can quickly search for other travelers that will deliver the package on their way. Make sure to rate and review your experience with the traveler in case such a scenario takes place.

Can I trust the traveler?

Shipili is a global platform with many users, and we believe that people should have no motive to cause any harm when they are being rewarded in the end. Also, our validation process which includes email, phone numbers, ratings and social media will guarantee that your package and money are in good hands.

Can I cancel a delivery after agreeing with a traveler?

Before the package is picked up, it is your right to not send the package and you will be fully reimbursed. However this might affect your profile ratings as the traveler will have the opportunity to submit a review.
After the package is picked up, a sender cannot cancel his request once the package is “En Route” status.

Can I edit the information of a job I have posted?

As long as the payment is not done, you are free to manage the jobs that you have posted on Shipili.

What is the minimum age to use Shipili?

You have to be 18 years and older to use Shipili’s services. While we do believe everyone is capable of participating through our platform, a minimum age allows us to provide a more secure and controlled environment for our users.

What items are prohibited?

A full list of forbidden items can be found in our Terms and Conditions. Items such as weapons, narcotics, and any other illegal packages are strictly forbidden. For safety, we provide our users, at registration, a list of items that we discourage them to send or deliver.

Why do I need to supply a personal information including bank account?

In order to create a safe and problem-free environment for all our users, we will rely only on electronic payments. Supplying your bank account is only a measure for wiring your earnings and paying for your deliveries. It is also one of our identity verification methods. However all this information, along with any other personal information you have disclosed, are handled in safe and confidential manner as described in our Terms and Conditions.

How can Shipili users provide their feedback?

Each transaction requires both parties to rate their experience. This rating will affect the overall rating of the users, which appears on their profile.

I can’t find the city I’m looking for?

If you can’t find the city you’re looking for, please email us at shipili email (support@shipili.com) so that we can quickly get to adding it.

I have not received an activation email, what should I do?

Please make sure that you have entered the correct email and try again. If you are still having problems contact us at shipili email (support@shipili.com) in order to personally assist you and get you on Shipili as soon as possible!

Are my packages insured?

Yes! All packages sent through Shipili are insured for up to €2500. When you create a shipment, you will have an option to increase the insurance for an additional fee.

What if there is a problem with a Sender/Traveler?

All of our users are verified and reviewed by our Shipili Team. We plan to match you with interesting individuals who you can interact and enjoy meeting. In the off chance that a problem does arise and you feel uncomfortable with the arrangement, you are free to break the arrangement and contact us at shipili email (support@shipili.com) in order to instantly handle the situation that you find yourself in.

What currencies are accepted?

At the moment, we accept the Euro currency.
You cannot find your question? Please contact us and we will promptly answer any inquiries that you have.

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